Our Story

There were many years of consistent doctor visits and being told the same thing, “you’re probably low on vitamin c and this is a likely cause of why you keep experiencing colds.” Like many of us, this is my story, my doctors kept telling me why I was getting cold after cold. Even in some cases why the flu kept coming back around and taking me down for days at a time. I simply was not getting enough vitamin c and zinc in my body daily to boost my immune system. Knowing this, I was determined to find a quick and easy way to get my vitamin c and zinc along with other essentials my body needed.

Something clicked and I began to remember my old gym days and someone I met who was an expert chemist in supplements and their benefits. So I called my friend Ernie up. After speaking with him, I realized quickly that I was not the only person who struggles with immune system and vitamin c deficiencies. This was my light bulb moment! We set out on our journey to come up with a product that could be quick and easy to help boost my immune system and at the same time give me a daily boost of energy and enhance my mental focus and mood. After going back and forth, conversation after conversation, trial after trial, the Immunity SuperShot was born!

After the very first dose of the Immunity SuperShot, I could tell I felt different and better not long after drinking the shot. I felt energized, I felt mentally sharp and ready to conquer my day, all why boosting my immune system to protect my body. And the smooth grape taste is phenomenal! I am loving the Immunity SuperShot!

Our Team

     Chris Johnson – Founder and CEO

     Haley Edmund – Partner and CFO

     Ernie & Jessica Carbone – E3 Enterprises, LLC

Product Development and Marketing

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